Preparing for a New Year

I have struggled for a couple of months to find the words to express the waves of emotion that followed the eviction on August 28th.

The exhaustion of three years battling against and struggling with the complete darkness was starting to take its toll.  This darkness is like a black hole if you will, because once you come close to it, it begins to slowly pull you in downwards and if you let it, making it harder and harder to escape.

Now, as I and the Get Mint Trading Crew continue to right ourselves up, we continue our walk with hope and faith. In the beginning, I held myself accountable for everything to the point that it became incapacitating for a short time. Even the smallest task was challenging and stressful.  The disappointment over the lack of words to be remembered from the state and federal government apart from “It is not your fault” and “It is unfortunate” was still with me. But as we moved forwards, we began to grow and regain some of our strength and passion for what we do. After all, we are the Mint People. Hope and light came from the most expected and unexpected places. People both nearby and across the country reached out and brought light and hope even through a simple phone call. People that had lost their homes or farms, people that loved our products and encouraged us to keep going, others that had tried out new uses of the oil that we had never heard of, handwritten letters with testimonials, emails with ideas, even self-made YouTube videos; it was a flood of encouragement, love and support that seemed to have no end and the kind words were overwhelming. For a time I had felt alone on this quest, but now I found new hope through all this.

The question I get asked most and that I sometimes even ask myself is, where to next?

The Get Mint Trading Company is still operating from farm inventory and will continue developing the highest quality mint products that our customers are used to. We are working as a team with the intent to grow relationships and to continue supporting other small local producers and businesses through our own.

For myself, knowing what I know and understand about mint essential oil, and my commitment to being a contributor for the common good, I am starting over with a new chapter of my life. I will continue to share my passion and hope with others because we all must continue to find new hope when the old is gone, we must continue to have gratitude for those who have supported us and we must continue to expect miracles when they are least expected.

I truly have so much to be thankful for and with new mint products and projects in the works I will keep my dreams alive, because there is no failure until you quit.

Over time I will gather the rest of my thoughts that I am still processing, but as always, keep the faith.

Peppermint Jim.


~ by peppermintjim on October 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Preparing for a New Year”

  1. I haven’t kept up on how things were progressing with the farm. I had gotten some mint compost this past Spring intending to return in the fall for more. I don’t get to St Johns much since the girls graduated so I was surprised to see a Crosby Mint Farm sign (wasn’t able to read all that was on it) on US 27 yesterday on my way to TSC. It prompted me to call today for compost. Your cell phone didn’t go through and it made my heart sink. So I dialed up the internet and feel extreme sadness of what transpired over the summer. I don’t know what else to say other than you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m sorry.

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