As it is in Heaven, it is on Earth.

On a late August afternoon, I looked out over the fields. Breathing deeply, the scent of mint, faintly floating in the soft breeze filled my entire being…Everything was quiet, on a perfect summer day when time doesn’t seem to matter.

Quite a girly start of this week’s blog, eh?  Jim asked me, “Lilian the Mintaloompa”, to write this week’s post. Actually, he asked me last week, but hey, I was busy. Just to get the beginning right has taken me some time and I am still working on it. “Write what is in your heart,” Jim said, but putting into words what my heart says, isn’t all that easy. In the mean time, I have started over at least half a dozen times and in between computer crashes, eviction notices, lectures, evacuating, trying to come up with $550.000, radio shows and moving, I got caught up.

But I am here now, this time looking out over the rooftops of Saint Johns from my very own desk in the Get Mint Trading Company downtown office. The smell of coffee and vanilla wafers fill the air and the sound of an occasional car driving by reminds me of the world outside the window. “Write something about your experiences here on the farm,” Jim added, that one evening last week as we were standing by the barn, “write what you are feeling, what you saw and heard over the past month.” So, I came up with this:

For those of you out there, that have been lucky enough to ever visit the farm will understand this: When you come here, you will never leave. You may physically leave, but there will be a part of you left behind and it will call you, ask your soul to come back to the farm to reclaim it. You feel complete, at ease and connected when you take off your shoes and watch the black dirt between your toes. You feel the love, the prayers that were send out over the fields and resonate in the air, as your nose tingles with the scent of earth, and fresh mint. You feel the swirling, cool sensation rising up through your feet, up your legs and into your heart as you close your eyes and become one with your Self. The cottonwoods whisper, the crickets chirp, and you know All is good.

For those of you out there, that have been fortunate enough to spend some time at the farm and understand that it is hard to leave once you have experienced the above, may find it easy to believe that this is exactly what happened to me. I met Peppermint Jim and Linette last July through a mutual friend. I came back to the farm a few more times that month and then, before I knew it, I never left. Jim asked me to work with him, manage his schedule, emails, promote the farm, and some projects here and there to the side. We would be doing most of the work over the phone and through emails. That was on a Friday afternoon. I worked on the farm that evening, the weekend, Monday, and by Monday night, I had my own room, upstairs in the farmhouse.

Now, five weeks later, my life has turned upside down, made a complete 360 turn around, flipped over again and is good to go, moving forward. I have witnessed the start of the 98th harvest at the Crosby Mint Farm, and mourned its abrupt ending because of bureaucratic scandals, came to deeply love the sounds and the smell of the farm, experienced the miracles, and cried as it touched my very own soul. I have seen how it brings people together, how it builds a community around itself and how it heals hearts and minds. I helped move an entire farm plus house, documented the eviction process, walked the picket line, wore a giant mint green bear costume, wrote many emails and letters, spent long hours deep into the night working, brainstorming, and talking to Jim. Through all this I met many, many awake and beautiful people, laughed, shared and cried with them as they were all attracted by the same thing: the farm. I have gained more than I can embrace. I have found a direction, a purpose. I know I am making a difference just as these past five weeks have changed my life in nothing but a positive way.

One day, I hope you will be lucky enough to walk the fields yourself, smell the fresh mint, feel the dirt under your feet and you will smile. You will know that these fields are not just fields. You will feel the cool sensation working its way up your legs and understand that time is but an illusion, because you may think you only spent an hour, where the clock will tell you, you spent half of the afternoon. And it won’t matter, because it will be time well spent. And you will come back because a piece of you will always be there.

I thank Jim for all the respect, love and opportunities he has given me and for sharing the farm, his heart and soul with me. We are moving forward, planning, dreaming and we are unstoppable. Jim has mint oil flowing through his veins and nothing can take that away from him, not even the loss of his farm. It may be temporary, it may be forever, but mint grows in the most unexpected places and gardeners (and bankers!)  know this: you can try to weed it, but it will always come back.

With love,



~ by peppermintjim on September 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “As it is in Heaven, it is on Earth.”

  1. Lilian this is a most moving display of the courageous beauty of you within. I parallel your sentiment, applaud your conviction and join your sense of victory in the most powerful experiences anyone can ever purpose to fathom. Bless you beyond your imagination, you are truly a most special gift to all those recognize who you are.

    There will be what some see as miraculous happening around you that is just what is. The Crosby Farm is. Nothing has happened that can change that. Actually what has happened of late is only a pressing down, shaken together, and overflowing that will explode forward at such a majesty it will be uncontainable. You have much to do with that maybe beyond even your own recognition. Jim and Linette will rise up as on wing of Eagles to tell a story people will have trouble absorbing because of the awe.

    Thank you for being who you are and blessing me with the knowledge of you. Thank you for who you are to Jim and Linette and ALL involved in the transformation to greatness. there is no good, and there is no evil, there is only great. See you soon.



  2. So beautiful. Moved to tears.

    Karen Costley

  3. Lilian has captured the magic, the mystique, the simple pleasure and purity of the mint fields. Take some time to read this and you will get a glimpse into little piece of heaven that so many have come to love, myself included. Thank you Lilian for this is so beautifully written, and so completely captures the essence of the magical mystical mint fields.

  4. Lilian, you wrote what was in your heart and that of all the others who, like you’ve said, have been blessed by the beauty of the Crosby Mint Farm. Your words reminded me of my own soul that has been placed at the farm and hasn’t left as the same for my husband’s and our daughter’s. Our daughter speaks of the mint farm everyday and in words of admiration and a peaceful knowing that has been almost eerie at times to hear, but she is so pure and has no understanding of what has been taking place, so all she has is the mystic mint in her heart and the visits in her memories to sustain her, but she reminds us all that we will go back and the farm will be waiting for us when we do. Thank you Lilian for your transformational experience and existence, you are a true friend who is appreciated much by many.
    Blessed Be!
    Nicole Badgley

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