THE BATTLE OF MINT VALLEY 890 days under siege

THE BATTLE OF MINT VALLEY; 890 + days under siege.

My name is Peppermint Jim Crosby. I am a fourth generation Peppermint and Spearmint oil producer, and this year will be our 98th harvest. We are considered to be one of oldest growing and producing Mint farms in America.

I have been one for believing we need to be prepared and to be as self sufficient as possible, and over the years I have developed different strategies for our farming operation to be converted over to meet different scenarios.

The scenario I did not have a plan for was farm foreclosure. I went to the bank three months before the payment was due to ask if we could restructure one of the loans. Obviously they said ‘no’ and called all four loans, three of which we were currently in good standing.

The risk officer and the attorney for this bank warned us if we fight this it will cost us several thousands of dollars. The short of this is; they pushed us into chapter 12 Farm Restructuring. But this can only work if you have a federal judge that understands farming operation.

All within 30 days of filing for protection, the bank convinced the judge to freeze our cash collateral which meant 100% of all farm revenue went to the bank, nothing to live on, pay light and heating bills, or buy bottle inventory to keep and maintain our customers.

It was tough.  We had gated up the farm with large telephone poles creating only one point of entry, since our attorney had worked against these same folks in the past and knew what they were able to do. In that particular case they had repossessed the farmer’s equipment during the negations and he had to pay to get his equipment back.

For three weeks I stayed up round the clock always having my sister or me on the farm just in case the bank came in before we could file for protection.

We pulled keys, disconnected batteries, posted signs and set up a tight perimeter with a clear view of both entrances with the back somewhat protected by a large ditch every night.  That was my post for three weeks- hidden back in the darkest corner just sitting, watching and listening for anything out of the ordinary.

On the afternoon of the forth day I came across a vehicle that didn’t belong there.  I was sitting in my own vehicle just east down from the farm and it just didn’t feel right;  the feeling when you know what belongs and what doesn’t. So I moved slowly toward the vehicle and then the chase was on. I have been in hot pursuits before and I knew the vehicle was trying to pull away.

I caught up to the car, wrote down the plate and recognized the attorney driving and the risk officer (aka the closer) because he does not make deals: he liquidates farms.

Right now this will be day 890, plus days working through and out of foreclosure. This scenario was not planned for.

The importance of being prepared

 I don’t know what I would have done for the fact that I did have 450 gallon of gas and 300 gallon of diesel tucked away. We lived off of six months worth of food we had stored away, kept the lights on with back-up generators on and off, bartered, traded, and literally worked the farm 5 gallons of gasoline at a time.


The case in any scenario is (which is how people react), and I can say this from experience, that this situation has given me the ability to view people with an understanding of who is who.

This is the time you will have to find a way to allow for compassion for others and let go of any negativity. It will be important for you to experience this for yourself .

The disappointment, but also many other hurtful feelings, caused by other people who may have been your friends at one time, but now are no longer so. Something happens to people which I cannot fully explain in words, they will change, they will create distance, you will be judged and may find yourself alone.

You will need to keep the faith, if you have none, you will have to find some. Each day will be a test faith of who you are and you yourself will change but for the better.

Overtime you will start having gratitude for everything you have and not what you don’t have.

New and true relationships will be formed because you will come to a point of truly knowing  how you can help other people and become a contributor to your family community and most importantly to the Greater Good.

KNOW THIS: Those who judge will one day have their own crossroads to face and when this happens they will reflect through the past at the chances and oppurtunity they were given to make a positive impact for others.

Well folks: this is the condensed version of my sister and I stand in saving and preserving our small American Mint Farm we have maintained our integrity and kept the faith.

I have personally used the oils well over 30 years and have shared the numerous health benefits of mint along the way with the intent to improve a persons Quality of life. Mint has been a way of life for me and my family for the last 98 years.  We have seen some drastic changes in markets, corporate farm production, and, the greatest disappointment of the genetically altered mint which is geared to overproduce and the use of synthetic mint. Peppermint and spearmint are the #1 adulterated oil on the market from the early 1800’s to present.  Industry standards will adulterate the mint oil by 49% and can still claim pure mint oil. The amount of fluff marketing as always plays a huge part.

The scent and use of unadalterated peppermint and spearmint essential oil have multiple benefits. Both the oils on itself are antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. The scent of peppermint when inhaled will open up the airways which allows more oxygen into the blood stream which allows the person to be able to focus and feel uplifted. In Japan they have scented schools with peppermint essential oil for years in order to help the students retain the information they are studying and have shown great test results. Another case has shown from a NASA funded research in 2007 or 2008 which demonstrated the scent of peppermint increased energy and focus by 30%.


  • Antimicrobial, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic;
  • Unlimited shelf life;
  • Takes up little room for storage;
  • Replaces over $150.00 synthetic over the counter medication;
  • Can be consumed both internally and externally;
  • Pesticide, herbicide, insecticide free (FDA  ALLOWS 5ppm);
  • Banned and industrial chemical free;
  • Grown and produced at one point of origin;
  • Can not dilute the mint oil to a point of ineffectiveness;
  • One drop has the similar relief as two Tylenol tablets;
  • Most uses are topical.

If I can be of service to you in the future please do not hesitate to reach out.

With gratitude

Keeping the faith

Expecting miracles

Peppermint Jim Crosby


~ by peppermintjim on July 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “THE BATTLE OF MINT VALLEY 890 days under siege”

  1. I’m new to your blog, only having heard of your plight on Michigan Radio this past weekend. I sincerely applaud the Crosby Family’s long farming tradition, your plans to move into the 21st century with a truly useful product, that is not distorted beyond all nature by processing, market hype, fancy packages and diluted with anything and everything that can be thrown in to maximize each “value added” processor along the way.
    My purchases with Crosby Mint a few days ago are pretty puny; I’m hopeful that 88,000 other people will make another purchase one by one to see the Crosby Farm out of the depths of the valley of the corporate banker.

  2. Jim & Lynette; sure am sorry to hear about your situation. Wouldn;t Mildred Slieght be appaualed by what is transpiring and how the system is craping on ya’ll
    chris mcginnis

  3. Dear Jim & Lynette, I live in Pa & have a significant other in Lansing & I come to visit at least 3 X’s a year and you have a BEAUTIFUL state. The ONLY part I don’t like about Michigan is the bulls*#! you have to put up with as far as the banks are concerned! I learned of your plight thru the WILX mobile website (I like to keep in touch of the Lansing area news so when we talk, I know what my other half is talking about). Where I live is in the N.E. part of Pa, where there WERE a lot of family farms and now they have ALL disappeared because of the very same reasons that YOU are enduring. The farms were in the way “of progress” & when the housing market took off, farms were foreclosed upon & now TOWNHOUSES AND STRIP MALLS AND SHOPPING PLAZAS stand where 4th thru 7th generation farms once stood. It brings tears to my eyes to think about that since I am a landscaper & can really appreciate the back-breaking farming heritage. It breaks my heart to know that you too may follow suit, but NOT IF I CAN HELP IT! I have purchased several drams of both oils and plan on giving them as Christmas gifts (How cool is THAT!) and I have sent your web page to all my friends & family and have encouraged them to HELP PRESERVE THE FARM as well! They too were descendants of farming families YEARS ago, so they understand the pain & stress you both are going thru now. We try to support the remaining farms by buying the local produce whenever possible and one beef farmer is trying to reopen a slaughterhouse to sell his beef cheaper than the local WalMart. At least WE know where the beef came from and that it’s FRESH. We have kept you in our prayers and I know you will come thru this mess OK, God would not have brought you this far in life to just let you fall. I will be making more purchases as my paychecks come in and KEEP THE FAITH BROTHER! God is your BEST farmhand! With love & respect, Teri Dyanick, Forty Fort, Pa.

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