What is a Farmer

What is a farmer?

 How can I ask that question? I have had people say to me for a very long time; “You are not a farmer.” I had one even say to me that I was not going to make it as a farmer. I am 42 now and I haven’t missed a harvest since I was six years old. I have memories of being there and I started driving the tractor at age nine for the harvest. A total of 38 years.

I have worked every inch of this ground and have spent hours praying in these fields. I look over every inch of this ground for hope of a good crop. I see what I have to do, I try and remember what there is to do and sometimes it just comes to me from second nature. I love this land and I care about people. I want to contribute good work, I want to make a positive impact helping other people worse off than me, regardless of whatever my current situation is and regardless of geographical location.

Things can always be worse and I always have had gratitude.


Somewhere in these feelings of mine there has to be a farmer. When equipment brakes down or I am questioning something I am currently working on, pictures run through my mind of how to fix it. Is this something that has happened before? And at the same exact time you are praying that it’s fixable and nothing major. Right after that for me all these things run through my mind all at the same time.

Then the big question is; how am I going to pay for this, can I afford it? You automatically go into putting a plan in place to do without or who do you have as a resource to help you. .

Ya know the one close friend that is a jack of all trades, and then one or two people that is electrical, builder, and mechanic. You know when you call this person, they drop what they are doing and stop by as soon as they can to help you face your challenge and it becomes a we. I grew up around this and have some old and some new friends and thank god for them being in my life and who they are.

In the last 36 months I have physically lost four of my mentor’s people whose opinion I appreciated every minute WE were together. Every day that goes by I keep Faith. This farm has become my mistress, my island of visions and dreams. I so believe with everything that one would describe me and believe from my whole heart that when my time comes the people around me will benefit from me wholly and dictate my life to helping others and will always be concisely envisioning how I can be of service in protecting the environment and helping my fellow human beings.

I can’t explain it in words I JUST LOVE WHAT I DO.


But all these years I am still asking myself this question: What is a farmer?

Until the day the answer comes, I will just keep going.


“Farmers don’t Quit”

“Farmers don’t walk away”

Expect Miracles

Peppermint Jim


~ by peppermintjim on March 31, 2009.

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